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Making waves in the K-pop scene, Riize’s album ‘Riizing’ captures the group’s ongoing growth as artists and the fulfillment of their dreams since their debut. With eight tracks that epitomise “emotional pop”, the album is a celebration of music and human emotions. It showcases Riize’s versatility and talent, solidifying their position as one of the most promising K-pop groups today.

‘Boom Boom Bass’ opens the album with contagious energy. The song celebrates the power of music and the deep connections it fosters, with lyrics about letting the beat take over and connecting with others through sound.

The repeated phrase “boom-ba-doom, boom, boom, bass” emphasizes the driving beat, while the melodic lines and smooth vocals of the group members perfectly complement the rhythmic vibe. This track surely gets listeners up and dancing, highlighting the group’s knack for creating sounds that are both captivating and addictive.

Moving forward, ‘Siren’ is an electrifying track that likens the group’s impact to the sound of a siren, heralding the arrival of a new generation.

With an intense beat and electronic elements, ‘Siren’ boldly declares confidence and innovation. The track underscores the group’s determination to stand out and make a significant mark in the music industry, suggesting a fresh start and a renewal of energy and creativity.

If you’re looking for an inspiring song about overcoming challenges and tirelessly chasing dreams, even when everyone says it’s impossible, then ‘Impossible’ is the track for you.

This powerful ballad encourages listeners to never give up, regardless of the obstacles they face. ‘9 Days’ provides a sincere glimpse into the intense life of a K-pop artist, tackling the exhausting routine of rehearsals, performances, and recordings, reflecting on the daily struggle and relentless effort to achieve dreams.

With a melancholic and heartfelt melody, the track captures the dedication and sacrifice needed to stand out in the music industry. Lines like “Must beat my reflection in the mirror” and “Endless practice and sweat” are especially poignant, underscoring the pressure and perseverance defining Riize’s journey, making it one of the album’s most emotionally resonant songs.

Looking for a song that explores emotional independence and the quest for self-love after a breakup? That’s ‘Honestly’. The lyrics are raw and honest, highlighting the inner strength that comes from moving on from a relationship.

This song is an ode to self-empowerment, with emotive vocals that convey liberation and self-discovery. Its minimalist production allows the voice and message to shine, creating a deep and touching listening experience.

‘One Kiss’ is a romantic track that describes the sweetness of love and the desire to eternalize special moments with someone, featuring tender and affectionate lyrics.

The song has a sweet and engaging melody, capturing the magic of true love. Delicate harmonies and soft instrumentation create an atmosphere of intimacy and affection, making it perfect for romantic moments.

‘Talk Saxy’ is a fun and seductive song that blends jazz and pop elements to create a captivating track. The lyrics invite listeners to express themselves freely and to give in to the moment. This track stands out in the album for its carefree vibe and danceable rhythm. The charming vocals and rich instrumental production create an energizing experience.

Lastly, ‘Love 119’ compares passion to an emergency, with lyrics describing the intensity and urgency of love. The song is vibrant and dynamic, reflecting the thrill and fervor of falling in love. Its energetic production and powerful vocals make it a memorable and exciting track, ending the album on a rollercoaster of emotions.


Words: Isabella Wandermurem

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