One of our premier, under-rated, artists

Like its predecessor, the Mercury Prize nominated 'Coles Corner', 'Lady's Bridge' is named after another of Hawley's hometown Sheffield landmarks.

Very suitable for the Sheffield alumni Hawley, the bridge in question is the link between the working class and posher parts of town. Staunchly proud of his working class roots, and alongside his love of music, inherited from his musician father who sadly passed away while Richard was working on this album. Determined not to allow the grief to overwhelm the songs, (something his father would check him on), Richard instead focused on simply searching for "something beautiful". And he has hit a major seam here with 'Lady's Bridge', 11 songs of elegant grace and beauty mined from his love for his Father. His long, and sometimes messy, love affair with music now thankfully now finds him as one of our premier, yet sadly under-rated, artists.