This represents a good value for money release.

The title was originally going to have Vegas in place of Aldershot, but no matter; it certainly adds a nice touch of self-deprecating humour to the proceedings.

Pitching a sound that combines the melodic rush of Jimmy Eat World with some gritty indie akin to The Senseless Things and a tinge of Nineties alt-rock, Reuben’s approach is familiar yet fairly welcome.

Releasing a DVD after just two albums is a questionable move, but the work that has been put into this double-disc release is admirable. The Mean Fiddler might not be the most thrilling place to film a live set, but the band are on solid form throughout. A documentary covering the band’s escapades on the road is entertaining enough, but I don’t expect Julien Temple will be losing any sleep over the competition.

Essentially, if you like Reuben, this represents a good value for money release.

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