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Juno Artwork

California’s latest genre-bending super-talent Remi Wolf has already proven to be the next big thing, but with ‘Juno’ she further reinstates this expectation, as the 25-year-old gives us one of the most exciting debuts coming out of the indie-pop sphere in the last decade. Throughout the 13 songs, she intertwines core peppy get-out-and-dance-in-the-street pop vocal and instrumental themes with electro undertones, R&B baselines and the witty, clever lyricism seen in hip-hop.

First track, ‘Liquor Store’, pulls the listener in with its driving by the ocean, blasting the stereo kind of vibes whilst being intriguing enough to prompt excitement for the rest of the album. The journey of ‘Juno’ never lets us down as the ability to let fans scream-sing the songs to one another becomes an apparent trait of the record. This, however, does not mean that Wolf shies away from showing a more emotional side. In ‘Buzz Me In’, she portrays the tale of a complicated relationship singing, “My tears taste like you – taste just like salt and wine – like wasted time” whilst ‘wyd’ taps into a more deflective yet rightfully angry feeling, “Bite down in my French baguette, eat cheese, pray and just forget – And fly away from all the pain, confusing love for fame – Don’t wanna hear my name to feel better”.

With track titles like ‘Sexy Villain’ and ‘Grumpy Old Man’, this album can’t be anything but fun and Wolf delivers on this promise. As proven by her stage presence, there’s no other way to enjoy her music than to move your body in an on-beat or quirky manner that will bring you nothing but pure joy. Yet the songs on ‘Juno’ often deserve a chuckle or two, “I can move to Pasadena - Just to be a serial killer”, “Left my boy watching Euphoria - He’s a keeper - Big believer - Long as he don’t check the freezer”. Therefore, she allows us all to dwell on the silliness of the times, elevating daily reality and establishes that top-tier lyricism can be found in topical and even silly lines.

Remi Wolf’s budding career has been one where she has pushed her own agenda forward, being unique and her own poster-girl has made the world fall in love with her, be amazed by all the projects she has come up with and has made us desperately long for an album like ‘Juno’. So, although this first effort can be seen as the bridge between some of her collaborators, such as the projects of Wallows and Dominic Fike, Wolf is in her own universe, creating a new style of artistry that will inspire many others for the years yet to come. And it is for sure that this Palo Alto native is going to write a new chapter in the ever-evolving book that is the music industry.


Words: Lauren Dehollogne

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