Robo-funk that is fun as hell...
Redinho - Redinho

When an artist keeps you waiting for three years for new material, you tend to have pretty high expectations. Tom Calvert, aka Redinho, has spent that time readying what he’s described as “a vision of Stevie Wonder and Roger Troutman produced by Aphex Twin and HudMo”.

Obviously that sounds like a dream come true – and sure, there’s more than an ounce of that Zapp & Roger bounce on ‘Sharp Shooter’, while ‘Jacuzzi’ delivers a Mohawke big-room smash and ‘Shem’ a crafty Richard D. James grin.

Calvert’s robo-funk is fun as hell – but where's the dank, grimy workout of ‘Boy Racer’ or ‘Whips’? We like that side of you just as much as your talkbox persona, Redinho.


Words: Felicity Martin

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