Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1234567

A heady exercise in musical mutation

This generous, heady exercise in musical mutation and idea evolution is a collection of 12” ‘King Of Limbs’ remixes, by artists that currently inspire and excite the band. Fascinating are the comparisons of reworkings of the same tracks.

Caribou’s ‘Little By Little’ winds an enchanting harp around faded, echoing vocals and deep soulful bass. Shed’s version is crammed with motorik cranks and engines. ‘Morning Mr Magpie’ is taken on an underwater journey into half-step and David Lynch angularity by Nathan Fake, which eventually bursts out into a wide starry space. Pearson Sound’s is an ethereal walk through the dawn fog, which also finally flips into uncompromising insistence, both versions ultimately as nervous as the original.

A skittish and feathery synthed ‘Separator’ from Four Tet is like birds flapping against glass, which transforms into great washes of cutlery clattering percussion. Anstam’s atmospheric Hammer Horror dance treatment is conversely opulent but similarly metallic. Popular choice ‘Bloom’ gets a claustrophobic reworking of chunky beats and Mongolian chanting from Blawan with Objekt’s version a tighter, glitchier affair.

The vaporously hollow house of Thriller’s ‘Give Up The Ghost’ differs from the delicate dub of Brokenchord’s but both are melancholic and strangely ecstatic. There exists over these two CDs the same polarities inherent in the original album. These tracks are both club and headphone worthy, insular and expansive, ephemeral and dense, lush and skeletal; their only uniting factor, Thom’s voice, curling like a wraith through their intricate insistent landscapes. Captivating.



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