Out-of-date synth-pop going through the motions...
RÜFÜS - Atlas

When is euphoria not euphoric? When it’s in RÜFÜS’s hands, seemingly.

If you can remember when you were in a small-to-mid-sized venue in 2007 waiting for Midnight Juggernauts to come on, the support band soundtracking you and your mate’s chat at the bar was probably RÜFÜS.

Except they weren’t, as the Australian trio is only emerging with their debut album now, several years on from earnest synth-pop’s peak.

As with many bands of this ilk, the lyrics seem to be a case of throwing a bunch of words at a wall and seeing what rhymes, while the faux-ecstatic backdrops do little more than go through the motions.


Words: Jack Scourfield

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