An audio-pamphlet for sin

Cocaine Rap duo Clipse are in meltdown. Malice has left the game and turned to God, redemption biographies, path of the righteous, etcetera... Meanwhile Pusha T continues his ascendency into self-proclaimed governance of the streets. In many ways they share the same American dream, only surfacing in polar ways.

The title of his new record highlights this divide; ‘Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray’ is a step-by-step audio-pamphlet for sin. Track ‘Amen’, featuring Kanye West and Jeezy, is a lush ode to the idolatry of clothes, cars and coke: Jeezy as the hype man, Kanye in ‘moral dilemma’ mode, and Pusha T at his diabolic best. Once choice lyric, “My niggas they embrace guns and ignore Bibles,” continues the newly available theme.

Despite the presence of 50 Cent, Pharrell, Kanye West, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Diddy and Tyler, The Creator, the most notable voice is the absent Malice, who provides easy contrast and juxtaposition for Pusha’s Mephisto. By embracing God Malice has provided Pusha with the rich symbolism of religion plus a moral compass from which to draw comparison. When this character doesn’t appear between the lines the tracks become lost - lacking novelty when navigating the riches of coke dealing. Additionally, a recent collaboration with talentless Radio One whore Pixie Lott leaves Pusha more isolated than ever. He may not be as explicit about his flaws as Kanye, for which we can add pride to Pusha’s sins, but his fallibility is just as apparent.



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