Confounding electronica breaks down barriers...
'Another Eternity'

Canadian electronic two-some Purity Ring are something of a contradiction.

On the one hand, the vocals on 'Another Eternity' are a sugary confection and some of the drum loops sound like they were made using equipment bought at Poundland. On the other hand, their tracks often carry a dark and brooding mood, and their spacious, minimalist arrangements wouldn't sound out of place underneath a Kendrick Lamar verse.

The strangest thing of all is that this unlikely concoction largely works. The dichotomy between light and shade brings a gravitas and relatability to Purity Ring's music that means it avoids both the hyper-colour harshness of PC Music's roster and the substance-less exercises in reverb that characterised the chillwave boom.

With more revealed in every listen, 'Another Eternity' shows that there's much more to Purity Ring than initially meets the eye.


Words: Joe Rivers

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