Preoccupations – Arrangements

A fine return that exemplifies their strengths...

Having begun the production on this seven-track LP back in 2019, a lot has happened since then. A pandemic has come and slowly left the world, but one thing has remained the same, music keeps everyone feeling good. That is where Preoccupations come in.

The new LP serves as a way to dive back into the quartets beginning in music. Not only with references to life when the band was first formed in 2015, but also similar production feelings are felt with post punk, indie, and psych-pop all being a part of this banging LP.

In this writer’s mind, the second track, ‘Ricochet’, is one to admire as it starts off with a soft, yet simple beginning and then rises with guitars roaring, drums kicking in and vocals feeling more and more powerful. It shows what is to come and helps any listener feed into what the band are all about.

Moving on to tracks such as ‘Slowly’ and ‘Advisor’ is where the mood changes. It shows the dark, gritty aspect to Preoccupations music. Polished production all around allows the band to really bring a twist to their previous music. Simple bass lines and drum beats are easily forgotten about, but the band use this to their advantage throughout the seven track production.

‘Tearing Up The Grass’ is the final track of the LP and one that is a staple to this experience. That is what this LP and track is, an experience that the seasoned veterans are used to. They’ve been able to tap into what makes them unique and create something pure, yet terrifying at the same time.

Even though this was this writer’s first time listening to the quartet, it certainly won’t be the last time.


Words: Josh Abraham

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