A successful second LP, but a touch repetitive…
Poliça - Shulamith

Naming your second album after a radical Canadian feminist and a derivative of the Hebrew for peace suggests lofty ambition in a band.

Whilst these ambitions are never quite met on this new set from Minneapolis’ Poliça, this is still a relatively successful enterprise, if a touch repetitive.

The band continues to blend glistening minor key synth pop, mellow dub and contemporary R&B with vocals and instruments double tracked and looped so that they’ve become near homogenous.

The effects-processed voice of Channy Leaneagh, a melodic stream of consciousness sitting somewhere between La Roux and James Blake, swoops over a sparkling seabed of dynamic polyrhythmic percussion and sparkling xx-style production. 

A fine sound indeed, but one that could have been better with a shade more variety injected into proceedings.


Words: Anna Wilson

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