A special record spat out of another dimension...
Pinkunoizu - The Drop

A weird band name often means obscure music. And boy, Danish foursome Pinkunoizu don’t fail to deliver on that presumption.

The sound of a plane landing, horror movie synth clashes, an electronic guitar providing a gritty riff to match hypnotic vocal lines: the listener is exposed to all this and more, and just during the first track.

It may sound mental – and it is – but these guys succeed at what so many contemporary bands fail at: making something that actually sounds modern.

There are elements of psychedelia in ‘Moped’ (video below), a blissful piano-led lullaby in the shape of ‘The Swollen Map’, and a Black Keys-like rocker titled ‘Tin Can Valley’. It all adds up to a set of hallucinogenic songs that sound like they were spat out of another dimension.

A truly special record from a band you need to keep your eye on.


Words: Jamie Carson

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