Pinkshinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters

Russians’ debut album radiates an angelic beauty…

There's a beautiful comparison to be drawn between bleak stretches of below-zero wasteland illuminated by a low, glittering sunlight and the revelatory properties of this particularly fine shoegaze excursion. All-encompassing with no clear path to relief, both veer towards an overwhelming intensity only just abated by their shimmering charm.

Born from the frustrations of an equally barren indie scene and a chronic lack of support for so many artists, the Russian five-piece move so defiantly through their debut the resulting radiance sings of a group unshackled by their limited means.

Homegrown fuzz pedals, splintered vocals of choral splendour and a shoegaze obsession matched in equal part with their love for wiry Krautrock synthesisers and the climbing, classical experiments of Terry Riley and Philip Glass leave us with moments of glowing angelic beauty woven into deeply satisfying post-MBV complexity. 

From the looped saccharine sighs and bass dips soaring through ‘Metamorphosis’ to the epic tempo-toying chimes of ‘Marigold’, ‘Everything Else Matters’ could just be the alternative winter hymnal you’ve been searching for. 


Words: Kim Hillyard

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