Pillow Queens – Name Your Sorrow 

A bright, bold return...

Sometimes in life, a new opportunity arises, it will be the one that takes a project down a completely different route and the result is far greater than anticipated. Vague sounding perhaps, but it does seem a fitting way to try and articulate Ireland’s Pillow Queens latest record.

The Dublin alternative rock collective have plenty of experience of working in the studio and releasing records, however their third album is a fresh start and like a debut in terms of zest and energy. It tackles things with great courage and an unwavering confidence, offers a serious perspective and they seem as unafraid to show vulnerability. They care less about what others think and more about truly being themselves, and the record is even better for it. 

Melodic but visceral, measured guitar distortion is used to create atmospheric nuances. While the songwriting is strong and provides straight to point the honest lyrics that confront and more often than not encourage a rethink. Atmospherically broad, it moves from quiet sounding to the creation of something big and epic sounding. 

The emotional setting of each track changes a bit throughout, but it’s a record that is deeply connected. The mood of a number like the breezy, infectious ‘Like A Lesson’ is quite a shift from ‘Heavy Pour’ or the piercing yet resigned sentiment of ‘Gone’, when joined it becomes a fully varied, rich listening experience. 

Irish identity is one thing, there is queer identity. A unique band they reflect societal change in their home country, many will be looking to them for inspiration, social and creative leadership, and this is an exciting prospect. 

With such a stellar collection of songs there is no reason to think this is going to end any time soon, especially when taking into consideration their current run of form, Pillow Queens’ journey is both brighter and bolder than ever. 


Words: Susan Hansen

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