Gilded Americana that dwells on self-reflection to find peace...
C'est La Vie'

It’s been a wild five years for Phosphorescent. He’s traded New York for Nashville, become a father (twice-over) and looked death in the eye, following a battle with meningitis.

But from it he built this album, in a studio he built with his bare hands. ‘Black Moon/Silver Waves’ roars into life, it promises us witches, wolves and wild things. So we’re thrown a little when it suddenly shifts gear, into golden Americana. But there’s gorgeous, candid song-craft at work, ‘C’est La Vie 2’ urging that “they say that love is easy if you let it be”.

That self-reflection runs like a golden thread, particularly on the woozy ‘These Rocks’, as he admits: “These rocks, they are heavy. I’ve carried them around all my days… I was drunk for a decade; I’m thinking of putting that stuff away…”

Yet there are little specks of sunlight in those silver slide guitars, and as he coos a love song to his son on ‘My Beautiful Boy’, we hear a man finding peace.

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Words: Marianne Gallagher

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