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Phaeleh - Tides

Recording as Phaeleh, producer Matt Preston combines dubstep, electronica, house, and soul with a slight subtlety. He’s able to mix varied aesthetics without sounding conflicted.

With ‘Tides’, however, Preston wanted to step away from tried and true methods of music creation. “I wanted to make an album where I didn’t feel influenced by the need to keep DJs happy with structure or style,” he’s said.

On this second album proper, Preston keeps things energetic with rich instrumentals and standout features. On ‘Whistling In The Dark’, for instance, singer Augustus Ghost adds haunting vocals to Preston’s cinematic soundtrack. Vocalist Cian Finn appears on the reggae-tinged ‘Night Lights’ for a groove that’s equally nocturnal and hypnotic.

When left on his own, Preston opts for casual compositions that feel a bit transitional, though they fit well within the oceanic theme of ‘Tides’. What results is an impressive set of dark dance music that plays equally well at closing time or through your headphones at night.


Words: Marcus J. Moore

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