A technicolour blur from the revitalised trio...
'Breakin' Point'

What’s most remarkable about the progression of Swedish trio, Peter, Bjorn And John, is their dedication to balance. On every release, the group tweak their tried-and-true songwriting style with a distinct twist: the flavour of the month in ‘Breakin’ Point’ is heavily synth-led. Not a far cry from 2011’s culinary themed record, ‘Gimme Some’.

This new release is a flashdance in the dark as themes of ego, darkness and keeling over one’s own fulcrum are wrestled. The coloured charisma of frontman Peter Morén illuminates tracks like ‘Do Si Do’, which features a baroque skitter grounded beyond typical indie-pop whimsy. Quips like “got it from whisky like any loser can” from the title track, tacitly evoke this part-Hunter S Thompson, part-Brian Wilson persona of our man Pete.

Conceptually, Peter, Bjorn And John blossom in the production department. Tastes of pan pipes and jittery leitmotifs on tracks like ‘What You Talking About’ and climactic ballad ‘A Long Goodbye’ bolster some of the group’s most expansive and ambitious work to date.

The pace of the record shuffles without urgency, solidifying the band’s flag planted in the legacy and sentimentality that’s kept them adorned for over a decade. ‘Breakin’ Point’ is a technicolour blur worth your time.


Words: Will Butler

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