Unintended laughs aplenty in new shocker

From the writing team behind the well-regarded Switchblade Romance, P2’s initial premise is a simplistic yet promising concept. Dedicated to her work, Angela Bridges (Rachel Nichols) is last in the office on Christmas Eve. When her car fails to start, she finds herself trapped in the company car park. Security guard Thomas (American Beauty’s Wes Bentley) offers to help, but his demeanour takes a sinister turn.

After a promising start, highlighted by some enjoyably voyeuristic camerawork, P2 finds itself in the same murky water as its female lead. Bentley is as convincingly psychotic as a fluffy kitten, most of the usual clichés abound and two parts of the plot serve only to expose more of Nichols’ body. But things really fall apart when Thomas is hilariously distracted from his murderous rage by an impromptu Elvis karaoke session.

Playing on basic human fears of darkness, containment, drowning and violent animals could create a work of edgy suspense. Not here. Splatter fans might appreciate the gore.

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