Deserves to be heard again
Orange Juice - Coals To Newcastle

A post-punk pop band with limited chart success and a fluid personnel may not seem the obvious recipients of a definitive collection of their recorded output, but Orange Juice were always far from obvious. Shamelessly erudite and delightfully frenetic, they were never likely to win mass appeal, but lyrics like “Here’s a penny for your thoughts / Incidentally, you may keep the change” deserve to be heard again.

Frontman Edwyn Collins’ remarkable musical return after suffering two cerebral hemorrhages has already ensured he is responsible for one of 2010’s essential releases and, with this box set, you can make that two. Under-appreciated gems like ‘Untitled Melody’, ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ and ‘What Presence?!’ still dazzle while each studio album has much to enjoy. Quite how essential various 12” dub versions are is debatable, but the ‘BBC Sessions’ disc offers unpolished and frankly invigorating takes on tracks from across their catalogue.

On this occasion, being comprehensive equates to offering more than you want but, with all of their studio releases remastered and accompanied by a beautiful booklet, you’ve got everything you need.


Words by Gareth James



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