Only The Poets – One More Night

An electrifying, instantly catchy return...

Only The Poets sound is very much geared towards busy arena shows. Their tracks are catchy and their choruses refuse to leave our minds soon after we first hear them. The indie-pop vibes are such a hit when it comes to them.  We are constantly singing the lyrics to their tracks, such as the hedonistic ‘One More Night’ (also the title track of this EP). 

With this ‘One More Night’ EP, the tracks are fun, catchy, passionate and full of meaning. These tracks are just as solid as their previous ones such as ‘JUMP!’ and it proves that the Reading 4-piece are going from strength to strength at a dizzying speed.

Title track, ‘One More Night’ is the opening track on this eight-track EP. We challenge you not to sing along to this one. (You will fail!) Anthemic choruses are a recurring theme here, which is indicative of how Only The Poets put everything they have into their music. 

Only The Poets are confident that their sound can deliver. They show this by putting one of their biggest singles as the opener of the EP, hinting that better things are yet to come to listeners. And they are not wrong. 

In the music video for ‘One More Night’, we see a stunning couple having the time of their lives late at night in a busy London setting. The fast-paced nature of the couple’s night reflects the track perfectly as heads spin while falling in love (“If I could go right back, I’d go back / I’m ready to go/ Where my heart got broken, where I lost that fight/ where I found my purpose, getting drunk all night”). 

It is another one you will be belting out in no time, if you haven’t already been. There is a soaring chorus and is euphoric. As is the next track ‘Gone By Now’, which has a nostalgic feeling to it while being refreshingly modern too. 

The band have been busy touring in Europe. They are currently touring the UK and will be supporting Tom Grennan in Belfast and Dublin in August. They recorded this EP in short bursts when they were on the road and in between tour shows, but you would never have guessed judging from the high quality of it.

In ‘Gone By Now’, lead singer Tommy (one of the co-writers) is conflicted as to whether he wants someone to stay in his life or not. However, in the next track ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’ he could not be any clearer in his intentions. He has a few choice words for someone, including: “I don’t want your touch / I don’t want your love”. 

Suddenly, the mood changes dramatically with ‘It’s Okay (Not To Be Okay)’. It is a real tearjerker and, although it is a sudden change of pace for the band, it is a very important message. It is a song for those who are “feeling lost” and have “secret pain”. Tommy sings: “Maybe it’s okay / Not to be okay/ When we fall apart, it’s another scar / Makes us who we are”. Don’t get us wrong. It is still a catchy track, but a much more heartfelt one that the others. Tommy’s passionate vocal delivery really conveys the strong emotions behind ‘It’s Okay (Not To Be Okay) and the message of hope for those struggling with mental health issues. 

Tommy took to Twitter/X to describe ‘It’s Okay (Not To Be Okay)’ and said: “I wear my heart on my sleeve and just wanna be the best writer I can be, that’s all I can do, I wrote this when I really needed to hear it, I hope someone hears it.”

The additional ‘alt’ and live versions of ‘One More Night’ add further depth to the track, which we already love! The live version of the track is very heartwarming as you can hear fans singing the lyrics back to the band as Tommy yells: “f*cking sing it out!”

The synth-pop styling of these rising stars are unlike anything we are hearing from anyone else at the moment. With this EP, they showcase their range in terms of styles while keeping true to their distinct, euphoric sound.


Words: Narzra Ahmed 
Inset Photo: Yasmin Cowan

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