Disquieting divinity, duly delivered...
Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven

Massachusetts experimentalist Daniel Lopatin has rarely adhered to any notion of conventionality under his Oneohtrix Point Never guise, frequently flirting with the distant fringes of electronic production.

Now, he’s the opportunity to transform cult recognition into wider acclaim, not least of all because of his signing to Warp Records for this new album.

But the Software boss hasn’t sold out any of his habitual originality here: ‘R Plus Seven’ is unrelentingly individualistic.

There’s not the melancholy of 2010’s ‘Returnal’, nor the conceptual consistency of 2011’s ‘Replica’ (Clash review) - instead, Lopatin alternates between striking sublimity and inescapable menace.

The pneumatic pulsations of ‘Zebra’ give way to absorbing ambience, while ‘Still Life’ (excerpt below) morphs from delicious drones to ominous, shadowy bass. Disquieting divinity, duly delivered.


Words: Mike Diver

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