Oddisee – The Beauty In All

An ode to imperfection…

I can’t tell you how to relax. I work way too hard as it is.

Still, you have to sit down and appreciate life sometimes. Not just the major events like weddings and holiday dinners, but the little things you’ve taken for granted: those relaxing bike rides through the park, or catching up on your favourite TV show. You have to step back from the grind to admire how far you’ve come.

At least that’s the premise of Oddisee’s new instrumental album, ‘The Beauty In All’, his first lyric-less release since 2011’s surprising ‘Rock Creek Park’.

But while the former album celebrates the vast Washington, D.C. landscape, ‘The Beauty In All’ takes a panoramic gaze at the world’s natural wonder.

Oddisee created ‘Rock Creek Park’ after walking through New York’s Central Park. ‘The Beauty In All’ is about enjoying the splendour of imperfect situations and making the most of what you have. It’s about finding solace within the endless storm of social media and negative news.

Oddisee has always been a visual composer. He writes outside to capture moments in time and translate it to the music. That lends to ‘The Beauty In All’’s cinematic aspect; one song blends into the next under a cloudy array of computerized drums and atmospheric synthesizers.

This album isn’t about standout songs, per se. Instead, ‘The Beauty In All’ is a reflective soundtrack of stripped-down electro-soul. Songs like ‘No Rules For Kings’ and ‘Patience In Play’ feel noticeably old-school, while ‘Fievre’ and ‘Caprice Down’ are rooted in the now. It all leads to a stellar recording.

I can’t tell you how to chill, but maybe Oddisee can.


Words: Marcus J. Moore

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