A compellingly ugly writhe
Oberman Knocks - Beatcroff Slabs

With coded titles posing as mediaeval torture implements, Nigel Truswell is found held down and straining at the shock therapy manacles making him relive a tumultuous flashback sequence, as Oberman Knocks’ intriguing methods of imprisoning, gouging and deprogramming dubstep/techno/sadistic chillout achieve a compellingly ugly writhe through walls of
surround sound. Barring ‘Konshun Four’ attempting a trudge to safety, it’s a freeform instrumentalism with the laser-guided action of a masked slasher, regressing to the itchy
click-clacks of a monstrous centipede owning dank hallways (‘Tek-Fir Blades’), and undercut by closed-circuit glitching. Even if more delicate ears find it laborious, it should get him a film credit somewhere at the very least.



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