Nova Twins – Supernova

A punk rock thriller...

Nova Twins don’t play fair; following on from their 2020 debut ‘Who Are The Girls?’, ‘Supernova’ is a sharp growl of fury, sneering in the face of anyone who dares to stand in the punk duo’s way. In a snarl of rumbling basslines and venomous attitude, this album solidifies Nova Twins place in the heavy landscape – and it hints at a blisteringly bright future.

‘Supernova’ thrives in its unapologetically ferocious energy. Right from the off, intro track ‘Power’ is an overwhelming burst of disorientating vocals, crashing drums clashing with distorted basslines. Nova Twins almost strive to overwhelm their listener – forcing you into a realm of sounds so densely layered and intoxicating that you can’t help but get sucked into the throw of it.

This wall of sound approach emphasises Nova Twins’ most distinctive sonic signature – their ability to balance out bitter and sweet soundscapes. Their jagged nu-metal breakdowns are thrilling, but the duo are equally able to knock out pulsing, rave-ready choruses – ‘Choose Your Fighter’ thrums with bouncy drums and a twirling, pulsing chorus, all before a crushing breakdown tears the track in half. The switch-up always feels like a punch to the throat, riling with intent and sure to knock you off your feet.

Amy Love and Georgia South are also able to belt out some deliciously ethereal vocal harmonies, adding to that bittersweet balancing act. ‘Toolbox’ and the spellbinding ‘Fire & Ice’ move from enticing, bewitching vocals into a glorious punch of enraged instrumentals. The empowering ‘Cleopatra’ in particular showcases siren-like harmonies, an enchantress at work before the heavy instrumentals kick back in. Love’s ability to switch between gorgeous harmonies and riling, slithering bars of rap is also mesmerising, angelically drawing you in before devilishly reeling off sharp, poignant lyricisms.  

While the duo’s songs overflow with charisma and honesty, tongue-in-cheek critique of society delivered with an unbelievable level of class, one of the most intriguing tracks comes in right at the end. ‘Sleep Paralysis’ is mystifying, creeping down your spine, frazzled soundscapes terrifyinygly immersive. It hints at an entirely different Nova Twins – a duo able to craft worlds within their music. While their antagonising anthems are magnificent call-to-arms, ‘Antagonist’s gruelling basslines sparking a flame in your gut that leaves you ready to fight, it is impressive seeing how else their sound can be harnessed. This is a sound that could easily have an entire concept built around it, impossibly atmospheric and remarkably impressive.

Overall, ‘Supernova’ is exactly what it says on the tin – a bright burst of energy that will leave you awe-struck. There’s a reason why Nova Twins are the hot name on everyone’s lips right now, and ‘Supernova’ will help you understand why. This record a non-stop slew of punchy punk bangers, so treat yourself and get stuck in.


Words: Emily Swingle

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