An imperfect set, but that's part of its charm...
Noah And The Whale – Heart Of Nowhere

It’s always a risky move to record an album live – as opposed to a live album. Especially when you’re not Iron Maiden or Bruce Springsteen.

Listeners have to depend purely on the skills of the songwriter, as the imperfections of the playing are an open wound for all to hear.

Luckily, Noah And The Whale frontman Charlie Fink excels in his craft.

From epic single ‘There Will Come A Time’ (video below - contains strong language) to the nostalgically blissful ‘Lifetime’, this band has succeeded at writing an exceptional album that’s both intimate and full of pop-hook goodness, all without using over-the-top production techniques.

The only odd thing about some of the songs is that there’s an intangible amount of palm muting. So in no way is this record absolutely perfect, but then again it was never intended to be.


Words: Jamie Carson

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