Satisfyingly refreshing sonic escapism...
'Liquid Cool' artwork

Get ready to be transported to an ethereal and dream-like state with the help of Nite Jewel’s placid new effort ‘Liquid Cool’. As the record’s title would suggest, these nine tracks are satisfyingly refreshing as they offer a form of sonic escapism that struggles to be replicated in the climate of today’s more mainstream electronic pop.

From the brooding introduction and sparkling synths of opener ‘Nothing But Scenery’ to the echoing and whispy vocals embedded into ‘Boo Hoo’ Ramona Gonzalez’s Nite Jewel alias nails the hypnotic trance drenched tunes laced with delicacy consistently throughout the LP. Positively constant changes in tempos from track to track help to stop the songs merging into one transcendent journey.

‘Running Out Of Time’ the penultimate track on ‘Liquid Cool’ is the LP’s most lengthy – coming in at just under six minutes. Eerie in its electronic elements Gonzalez’s vocal becomes more forlorn in tone reverberating throughout the song, “I’m running out of time.”

Closer ‘All My Life’ is sophisticated and suave ending with the kind of wallowing synths that make you feel as though you’re floating in water push to the forefront of the song. Soft, smooth and a breath of fresh air, if ‘Liquid Cool’ is on the menu, I’ll have a glass too.


Words: Shannon Cotton

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