Just over an hour of pure entertainment

There aren’t many artists worthy of keeping their audience waiting for almost an hour, but if your name’s Pharrell Williams and you’re the leader of The Billionaire Boys Club, you can get away with pretty much anything.

iTunes kicked off its live series at Koko with a host of acts from Pharrell’s very own record label, Star Trax Entertainment, with the headline act being of course N.E.R.D (No One Ever Really Dies).

Entering stage dressed head to toe in Ice Cream (not the frozen variety), Pharrell and his sizeable entourage – Shay Hayley, Chad Hugo, multiple guitarists, two drummers, and two burly security men who occasionally managed to slip out of their monster-like demeanor to force a smile and have a bit of a dance – immediately made their presence known making no apologies for their late arrival, but bursting straight into song, to huge whoops and whistles from the eager crowd.

With the front row mostly made up of scantily clad women all trying to get Pharrell’s attention - most of them did later on in the show - N.E.R.D took a few songs to really get warmed-up. Although the live versions of tracks from latest album, ‘Seeing Sounds’ made a bit of an impact, it was the hits such as Lapdance, Brain and Run To The Sun from their first album, ‘In Search Of’ that really got “mutha fucking London” showing the Americans how it was done, flaying their arms from side to side as Pharrell dared anyone not to join in and go nuts.

After just over an hour of pure entertainment, Pharrell spoke to the audience about his love of music for its ability to get us all high and with that he cherry picked a host of females from the audience, inviting them up on stage to bump and grind against his bare torso, while breaking into a seriously energetic version of latest single ‘Everybody Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom)’, over the top of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. As the crowd chanted “achoo achoo” and mimicked Pharrell’s signature ska motion, it was at this point we all forgave Pharrell for behaving like an arrogant twat.

As Koko officials warned the act that they’d get a hefty fine if they continued to play after the venue curfew, Pharrell burst into ‘She Wants To Move’, urging the crowd to unite and carry on, and of course they were more than happy to do. And what’s a few quid to a man that’s worth millions anyway?

All in all, a mighty fine performance with Pharrell more than proving his worth as one of today’s finest entertainers and producers.

Set List :-
Kill Joy
Backseat Love
Fly or Die
Run to the Sun
Stay Together
Everyone Nose
She wants to move

By Ruchie Farndon

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