!!! deserve to be massive

I have a theory. All this Nu-Rave bollocks we’re reading about in the press on a daily basis is just a re-branding exercise for the genre of Punk-Funk.

I mean what I’ve heard isn't rave at all; rave at its beginnings was a true counter-culture, and the likes of NME with its Nu-Cock genre branding before that need to die now, they’re just suits. Oh I forgot, I’m reviewing this album… Well !!! (pronounced Chick Chick Chick) are excellent components of Punk-Funk and wisely haven’t been drawn into the hype–machine. Instead they’ve been supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who of course have another excellent bass guitarist in Flea. Like the Infadels release of last year, !!! deserve to be massive, the track ‘Must Be The Moon’ proves this. Lyricist Nic Offer guides us through, verse by verse, whilst the backing band keep up the groove thang, before at the end the track blows up into a - dare I say it - 4/4 rave electronic beat. May I suggest taking drugs to !!! in a field this summer (they are one of the world’s best live acts too), and if you are inclined to pick up a glowstick and blow a whistle then I guess that’s fine too. But remember where the myths may take you.

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