They're back - and we better prepare ourselves...

My Chemical Romance are back. While it’s been nearly three years since the announcement of their reunion in October 2019, the reality of their resurrection finally feels real. Rising from the ashes of their iconic legacy, fresh single ‘The Foundations of Decay’ is a six minute epic that welcomes in a new era of the emo greats.

Releasing new music when your back catalogue is so intimately know by your fans must be terrifying - but My Chemical Romance have nailed it. ‘The Foundations Of Decay’ manages to harness elements of their classic sound, while still markedly being NEW. The sound feels most reminiscent of their foundational debut, ‘I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’, with Gerard Ways gentle, echoing vocals and the gorgeous, atmospheric riffs - all before bursting into a chaotic, raw breakdown.

The theatricality of MCR is embedded within every second of this track; ‘The Foundations Of Decay’ drowns in its impossibly thick narrative flow. The build towards the climax, all before reaching those haunting closing moments, fills you with a sickening sense of nostalgia. The lingeringly haunting energy of the track settles in your stomach, heavy and all-consuming. This track is distinctly MCR - it’s chilling and peacefully agonising in a way that only the New Jersey greats are able to master.

The surprise drop of ‘The Foundations Of Decay’ is truly the perfect way to mark the start of their tour on May 16th at the Eden Project. Waiting to drop it so close to the wire is the perfect way of reminding us - they are back. The fire is still burning, the excitement is electric. And we better prepare ourselves.

Words: Emily Swingle

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