Disappointing, electro-pop by rote second album...
'How Does It Feel?'

MS MR's debut LP - 2013's 'Secondhand Rapture' – strove to emulate the bubbling cocktail of metrosexual pop and unrestrained theatricality championed by artists like Florence And The Machine and Marina And The Diamonds. Sadly, the US upstarts failed, ultimately revealing themselves as a veiled echo of a purer sound.

Second album 'How Does It Feel' is more of the same poundshop Florence that characterised their debut. Whereas 'Secondhand Rapture' had a clutch of half-decent tracks ('Hurricane' and 'Bones') though, the only reasonable offering on 'How Does It Feel' is the multi-layered and kaleidoscopic lead single, 'Painted'.

Elsewhere, it's the kind of standard by-the-numbers electro-pop that's likely to soundtrack your next visit to the local department store. Mind-numbing.


Words: Benji Taylor

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