Expect to be challenged, provoked, and amazed...
MONEY - The Shadow Of Heaven

What is heaven? Mother Teresa and your nan sat together on a white fluffy cloud? Really?

Manchester four-piece MONEY argues that it’s life on earth – and it’s celebrated in all its bleak yet beautiful glory here.

By second song ‘Who’s Going To Love You Now’ they’re coming to terms with human mortality while a musical lift akin to Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’ gives hope. ‘Hold Me Forever’ (video below) explores the human concept of God via an angelically melodic, reverb-soaked backdrop.

Contrastingly, piano ballad ‘Goodnight London’ shines a light on crepuscular, animalistic urges. Expect to be challenged, provoked, and amazed by this near-heavenly debut.


Words: Simon Butcher

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