An emotive exploration that deepens her songwriting...

Third times the charm as Molly Burch steps forward with her third album offering, 'Romantic Images'. An emotive exploration of the romantic films that she indulged on as a child and her experience with traversing relationships outside of the fantasies she was promised.

A conscious decision was made to work with female collaborators, including Tennis’ Alaina Moore and Pat Riley. Perhaps due to the understanding that the trauma of reality after being promised a fairy tale is a unifying experience for most women.

The result? An opus of cathartic sensitivity touching on pop sensibilities whilst keeping in tune with the timeless, effortless beauty of the beloved Hollywood starlets. Having trained in Vocal Jazz Performance at school and grown up with a family rooted in the film industry, Burch’s take on these romantic tropes is justifiably poetic.

Exploring desperation – “waiting for some kind of sign, I’m running out of time” ('Heart Of Gold') – Burch touches upon what it is to feel as though the tide has passed you by. As the sand slips through the hourglass, she grasps on to a potential future with someone who is unaware of who she truly is; “I don’t know what you’ve been told, I’ve got a heart of gold.”

“I never learned my lesson,” she says. But neither have we, because we’re listening to the song experiencing a painful reminder that as much as we wear our heart on our sleeve, the wrong person will never see its beauty. - It’s a much-needed lesson. Because “love is not easy” ('Control'), Burch has written an entire album off of that reality.

But what makes it easier is the knowledge that you’re not alone. Whether in love, experience or pain. This album supplies much-needed evidence for those experiencing heartache that their tale is not solitary, but there’s no right answer, and there’s comfort in that.


Words: Megan Walder

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