Modeselektor. Thank Fuck.

Modeselektor. Thank Fuck. Their back-stack of records, inspiring need to never conform and their twisted melting pot of bastard dancehall, IDM, techno, hip-hop and acid rap is quite possibly the best thing happening in dance music RIGHT NOW.

Their mutant strain of music is so infectious it restores your faith in an entire scene and this second album further delivers on their potential - with just a hint they are holding back even more delights. Whereas ‘Hello Mom’ two years ago was almost entirely instrumental; the latest keeps their furnace roaring with both massive and comedy collaborations. Long time cohort Apparat as well as Rastalord Tikiman both feature; as do fellow Berliners Puppetmastaz with their boisterous helium funk. The names keep rolling via a Scooter cover version ‘Hyper Hyper’ with noisecore artist Otto-Von-Schriach before Maximo Park hit up on some dubstep (?!?) and Thom Yorke does a sweet job of rounding off the LP in fine vocal IDM style. So lay Clash on the floor and move quickly towards your local record shop to buy this album. RIGHT NOW.