Wonky, warped and sublimely discordant
Micachu And The Shapes - Never

Mica Levi, purveyor of perplexing avante-garde pop inexplicably reminds me of a pocket size Ian Dury; maybe that’s due to her fearlessness? Relentlessly interesting instrumentation retains the Shapes’ established garbage can aesthetic, but this is more focused and refined than the first studio album. Big, bolshy and boldly self-produced it may appear casually thrown together, but Mica’s classical background is evident in the snug song structures and proficient pacing. Wonky, warped and sublimely discordant it contains mumbled, half-submerged vocals and rapid, parched funky guitar, analogue beeps and harsh industrial percussion. At times grainy and abrasive it’s also mischievous, melodic and, ultimately, absolutely adorable.



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