Visual document of metal icons

Back in 1989 Metallica had the freedom to be as experimental as possible with their music videos as their middle finger was still in an upright position towards what was seen as acceptable.

Since then we have seen cowboy hats, make up, models, high budget car crashes and Lars Ulrich jumping out of a very high building window – pretty groovy hey.

The DVD starts with the seminal masterpieces ‘One’, ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘The Unforgiven’, which paved way for a million and one rips offs while creating a blueprint of how metal videos should be made. After a couple of live footage montages (‘Wherever I May Roam’, ‘Sad But True’) from the ‘Black’ album (which still to this day gives you goose bumps) the perfect formula starts to wear off as does your attention.

More of a stocking filler for Christmas rather than something a collector can truly be proud of owning. Release a new album quick or bring out something that resembles the beauty and excitement of ‘Live Shit’.

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