A transportive electronic experience...

Musical enigma Maya Jane Coles' latest release 'Night Creature' is an almighty return. Once again, the club figure impresses with a DIY approach, managing the production, engineering and arrangement of the album. 'Night Creatures' is a body of work that poignantly paints the picture of Cole’s endless capabilities, fusing genres and styles with a collection of tracks that cement her legacy in electronic music.

Never shy of a collaboration, Cole welcomes artists such as Julia Stone and Claudia Kane on board. Both their vocals are perfectly tempered with Cole’s cascading instrumentation, a musical way cry that will send you into ecstasy. The album was almost exclusively recorded during the early hours of the morning by the self-professed Night Creature. The result is a hypnotic album that transports you from the mundanity of day-to-day life.


Words: Josh Crowe

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