"..easily surpasses expectations."

Upon hearing that 'Ay Ay Ay' is made up, sonically, of sounds produced by Aguayo vocal chords, you'd be forgiven for hovering over the play button.

Fear not though, within a few bars the novelty of this mouth produced orchestra (subtly aided by technology and a few instruments in places) falls away to reveal an intriguing, impressively complex listen that easily surpasses expectations.

Opener, 'Menta Latte', is the ideal start, the patchwork of mouth sounds corralled into shape by the joyous, chanting vocal. Given such a restrictive set of sounds, you might expect fatigue to set in but the album displays a sufficiently wide scope of rhythms and dynamics to side-step such issues.

Immediately enjoyable, thanks in part to Matias' pleasing voice, in all it's incarnations, from his childlike singing to the oohs, aahs and tss, 'Ay Ay Ay' is one of the most unusual, and yet likable albums of recent months.


Words by Nick Annan

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