Engineers songwriter Peters drops the mic and picks up the guitar for his first solo record...

With its ordnance survey-themed art and track titles like Windy Arbor and Cabin Hill, it's easy to see what Mark Peters is going for here: 'Innerland' is an atmospheric meander through the mind’s woods, fields and holloways. 'Shaley Brow' is especially lovely, all downcast piano and shimmering pads - somehow, it sounds precisely like a wet wood after a storm.

'Windy Arbor' is also full of bucolic beauty, its opening synth lines bringing 'Campfire Headphase'-era Boards of Canada to mind. And 'May Mill' gives Peter a chance to flex his rock muscles - albeit gently; there's none of the sound and fury of, say, Godspeed You! Black Emperor here.

The album’s production works against it, however. Beyond proficient, it's so clean and glossy your attention slides off the album. You long for a little grit and texture to really bring the music alive. For that reason (and the gorgeous packaging, we suggest hunting down a tape or LP, where the natural imperfections of the format will help give this lovely music the texture and grounding it needs.


Words: Will Salmon

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