Cult American Roots-Rock Band

Combining elements of blue-collar Springsteen-like classic rock with punky energy reminiscent of The Replacements and occasional elements of soul that almost recall Van Morrison, it’s somewhat mystifying that Marah have never really made more substantial inroads towards crossover success.

Whilst this live CD/DVD set isn’t going to do much to change their status, it does reiterate that they can be an electrifying proposition on stage.

This club show from a gig in Spain clearly isn’t filmed on much of a budget; although the effects aren’t great and the number of camera angles soon becomes repetitive, it almost captures their intimacy in greater detail. Similarly, the sound lacks clarity and is only of decent bootleg quality but their energy shimmers through.

The bonus material includes a performance with Nick Hornby as well as a brief live CD, therefore making it a great purchase for fans and a welcome introduction for newcomers.

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