The thinking-man’s pop album of the year

First, a confession: ‘We Can Create’, the debut album by James Chapman, he who is Maps, was my favourite release of 2007, offering a curious combination of strangely innocent whispered vocals and ethereal electronic soundscapes.

‘Turning The Mind’ is plain joyous, tracks like ‘Let Go Of The Fear’ and ‘Love Will Come’ the most upbeat Maps material to date. Chapman’s increasing musical dexterity ensures a heavy wash of sound with twinkling synths, euphoric loops and the uncanny ability to build and build a track to an ecstatic point of air-punching triumph.

Best listened to from start to finish, ‘Turning The Mind’ is both the thinking-man’s pop album of the year and the perfect soundtrack to the witching hour. Bordering on genius.


Words by Gareth James


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