A sprightly 12th set from the Welsh rockers...
Manic Street Preachers - Futurology

Nine months after the melancholic meditations on middle age of ‘Rewind The Film’ (review), Wales’ finest return in sprightly form with their 12th album.

Resplendent in the shamelessly huge riffs banished on their previous set, these songs are immediate and infectious. ‘Sex, Power, Love And Money’ comes on like a 2014 reboot of the precocious glamour of their ‘Generation Terrorists’ debut, replete with bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire channelling his inner Chris Lowe on a spoken-word bridge of “obsession, possession, confession, recession,” like a ‘Paninaro’ for economically unsound times.

‘Futurology’ is the Manics doing what they do best, with added Krautrock, Georgia Ruth and Green Gartside. A rum cocktail, indeed.


Words: Gareth James

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