Manga Saint Hilare – Glow In The Dark

A punchy yet diverse return from the esteemed rapper...

Manga Saint Hilare has released his brand new album ‘Glow In The Dark’, giving all his fans and peers a reminder of how lyrically gifted he actually is, whilst touching on a multitude of subjects within his tracks.

The 12 song-filled tape consists of mainly grime songs, catering for his fans that have been following his progress in the scene from the very beginning. The grime veteran has carried the unfortunate burden of being overlooked in grime after all these years, mentioning all the hardships he has been through in ‘DFKM’ and ‘Human Resources’.

The Lewi B produced album has an array of head-nodding instrumentals, with some having an added summer feel to it, such as ‘NRG’ ft. Ikhana. This album is a great starting point for any new listeners of Manga to get properly acquainted with the grime MC, his ability to tell a story with the consistency of quality clarity and punchlines is one of the best around. With that being said, the reasoning as to why he’s not rated in a more high regard is shocking.

‘Community Guidelines’ displays a more emotional side of Manga, mentioning the passing of his grandmother and the feeling of “losing the love” for the music side of things; however, his ability that he possesses shouldn’t go to waste – he can only get better.

Overall, ‘Glow In The Dark’ is a very good project from Manga, one that thrives on creative diversity and underlines why he should be taken seriously across the grime scene and beyond. Upon listening, it’s clear that he has been through a lot and he has had to work for this, for others, the pressure could’ve been too much for them, but Manga managed to stay on course and deliver as he always does.


Words: John-Mark Collymore

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