For every over-hyped, over-rated indie shmindie band that gets spunked over by the baying media, there’s always one band that somehow misses the target and never really get any of the attention they deserve.

When Clash first encountered Mando Diao we wondered how long it’d be before their Libertines-infused-punk-meets-Beatles-soaked-melodies would win our nation’s hearts. We’re still waiting. Quite how this, the Swedes’ third album, will fare is unknown. Yeah, it’s fuckin’ ace, but so were their first two. Yeah, so their grasp of the language is loose, their rhymes often sloppy, but that’s rock ‘n’ roll! There’s no reason why the compelling ‘The Wildfire (If It Was True)’ shouldn’t pull you onto the dancefloor, nor ‘The New Boy’ gently pull on your heartstrings, so why not take a chance and once and for all let these leather-jacketed Scandinavians rock your world? ‘Ode To Ochrasy’ could seriously improve your life!


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