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Duos are hot shit right now.

That’s right, everything must go: including band members as the global economic crisis forces the trusty bassist (and in this case drummer) to plough into the employment office. Though Jack and Meg, Jamie and Alison and Sune and Sharin have already inflamed the fondness for the musical ‘two’, we’re likely to suffer severe atrial flutters for this next generation of tuneful duos.

Particularly when it’s Dexy and Chris: a loved-up pair of song-sorcerers riding a My Little Pony through the galaxy that’s previously housed Depeche Mode and The Jesus and Mary Chain lugging a sack of chic cowboy space-pop with them. ‘Magic, Love and Dreams’ is the debut EP for the pair’s musical vehicle Magic Wands, containing five tracks and a glimpse into the love affair Dexy and Chris are having with fuzzy electronic boy/girl pop.

Though less artsy than Empire of The Sun, this first date with Magic Wands seduces with catchy hooks, lullaby tempos and bedroom-soft vocals. It starts with the sinisterly toned ‘Kiss Me Dead’, featuring a sly MBV-esque riff that cuts through the velvety pillow talk of the couple; ‘Warrior’ ups the tempo, an ‘80s disco anthem borrowing from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly theme. It’s the dueling precedent to ‘Black Magic’: a wicked take on Suicide skuzziness that adds breathy lyrical pants and a drop of wholesome pop, and artfully darts around total pastiche.

‘Teenage Love’ exposes the simplicity of the band’s sound, with an unchanging mechanical beat under smutty white-kid rap. It’s easy and likeable listening, before EP sealer ‘Starships’ soars epically through retro piano chords and Shangri-Las-like unisons.

Though its indulgent Sonny-and-Cher hang-ups will sour the cynical, the omnipresent mystical and neurotic vein of ‘Magic, Love and Dreams’, coupled with the unapologetic romantic exuberance and its irresistible creamy pop centre, make it a super magical treat and a heavenly ode to the sometimes decadent ways of the heart.


Magic Wands – ‘Black Magic’


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