The moral of the mixtape is in the title: there's only one of his kind...

M Huncho’s slick second mixtape ‘Huncholini The 1st’ confirms the UK rapper’s consistency in both delivery and creative vision.

It’s a project with minimal collaborations, but those that make it on are well chosen, with chemistry and sound that’s well-matched. Two of the biggest UK artists in the rap scene - D-Block Europe and Headie One - are very well chosen candidates for this project, both having created their own sound in the rap stratosphere. Headie One, for example, has carved out a niche for himself via a deep understanding of American trap, staying true to his British drill origins while creating his own genre that stands out in an overcrowded scene.

Nafe Smallz is another frequent collaborator with M Huncho, both upcoming artists ensuring their original sound appeals to music fans across the board while staying consistent with their vision, not swaying with the trends. Both artists use autotune in a creative, original way - take track ‘Thumb’, for example, on which both artists have an incredible understanding of their natural vocals, mixed with the electronic voice correction to elevate their sound rather than making it sound robotic and forced.

‘Growth’ is a well-placed and titled track for the intro of ‘Huncholin the 1st, tracing his trajectory in the industry, going from being relatively unknown a few years ago, to making waves in British music. His growth not only as a person, but as a creative, is made quite clear through this album - the production quality has elevated, still keeping to his roots and his usual flow, instantly recognisable sound and beat choice.

Elsewhere M Huncho showcases his talents and passion for music on ‘Bando Ballads’ - the breakout track of the album. It’s a seductively slow and low-tempo beat, the perfect way to show off his raw talent and load up the words with emotion: “I try to be real but they move like they be so much realer/ I survived in a jungle, I prospered and turned to a gorilla”. A ballad is described as a narrative set to a piece of music, and that’s exactly what this is: describing his personal journey through his passion of music, turning real-life experiences into short stanzas, bringing to life an unconventional story of hardship through relationships and his hometown whilst keeping in time with a beautiful melody.

The way M Huncho flows with the beat on all of the tracks on this project demonstrate a deep understanding of how words flow on certain tempos, which lyrics to use and what story the song is telling. There might be a repetitive element to his specific sound, but it’s not dull or uninspired, it’s a whole new message and vision on each record.

‘Huncholini The 1st’ is the defining mixtape that expands on M Huncho’s talents as an artist, a creative visionary and an individual that has created his own wave. The moral of the mixtape is in its title: there is only one of his kind. Keep your eyes on him, as he creates genuine art.


Words: Ramy Abou-Setta

- - - 

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