Rambling proudly through the mountains of alt-pop...
múm - Smilewound

Icelandic heroes múm have deliciously wandered back into our lives preciously grasping their sixth album.

It’s typically taut with piano strings, plucked harps and haunted cello. Shake that mix up with plaintive vocals of Silla and their signature shattered percussion and ‘Smilewound’ is rambling proud along the rising mountains of alternative pop.

As ever they have some serious cheeky moments: ‘When Girls Collide’ sounds like Mr Oizo mid-foursome with Coco Rosie, ‘Candlestick’ a glacial jam with Beirut, and ‘One Smile’ exactly like múm should: wobbly but determined.

‘Smilewound’ is delicate, crunchy and as beautiful as the fountainhead of music whence it came. 


Words: Matthew Bennett

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