There’s a quiet beauty on this full-length debut...
Lyla Foy - Mirrors The Sky

Formerly known as Wall, London-based songwriter Lyla Foy has chosen to adopt her real name for this full-length debut. Insert your own gag about breaking down barriers here.

‘Mirrors The Sky’ is in the same vein as her previous material: hushed vocals, lush melodies and intriguing sonic textures (is that a rusty shopping trolley sampled on ‘I Only’?). It’s rich, warm and velvety-smooth.

You could call it undemanding and there’s some truth in that – this is music almost entirely without edge. But Foy has an ear for sneaky pop hooks. ‘Rumour’ dances an understated waltz, while ‘Easy’ is anxious and rhythmic. There’s quiet beauty here.


Words: Will Salmon

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