Lowly – Heba

A sensual and mature debut...

Danish quintet Lowly unveil their debut album, ‘Heba’ — a sensual and mature debut filled with mesmerising pop tunes.

Opening with the dreamy ‘Still Life’, Lowly create a comforting momentum that’s a taste of what is to come. Their spacious pop songs are soaring, creating a vast and fairytale-like soundscape. With their subtle instrumentation, permeating synths and held-back percussion, the tunes mainly centred around the radiant vocals of Nanna Schannong and Soffie Viemose.

Although the band happened almost by accident, there is nothing coincidental in the structure of their synth-drenched tracks, with the different layers building up to provide depth to the soaring tunes.

Melodic tracks like ‘No Hands’ give an insight into this alternative universe, showing off the metamorphous quality of their songwriting.

‘Mornings’ is one of Heba’s poppier tunes. With its tangy synths contrasting with the sensitive and poetic lyrics, the tune is beautifully bittersweet, and possibly one of the album’s most interesting tracks. The staccato rhythm and synth variations of ‘Prepare The Lake’ give the tune a bit more kick than the rest. Gradually growing grander, the soundscape escalate into a different atmosphere.

Though Lowly’s lyrics are mostly abstract, their album title is a personal one. ‘Heba' is named after the band’s Syrian friend who moved to Denmark. Lowly aren’t a particularly political band, but the state of the world and the ongoing refugee crisis did colour off on the record.

Lowly have through ‘Heba’ created their entirely own universe of dreamy, luxurious pop. Though the album as a whole can feel slightly monotone, Lowly’s commitment to their own sound works in their favour. Their carefully crafted, layered arrangements, and surreal lyric create a bit of a wonderland feel which is more than welcome as the day slowly grows brighter.


Words: Aurora Henni Krogh

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