Every track's a surprise on this intriguing debut LP...
Loops Haunt - Exits

The elusive Scott Douglas Gordon’s debut LP as Loops Haunt blends jungle and hip-hop with ambient sounds to create atmospheric intrigue.

Beginning with cacophonous drumming in the vein of Steve Reid’s Four Tet collaborations, moving into the sinister jangle and sci-fi oscillations of ‘Trap Door’ and then the B-movie Hammond of ‘Hollowed’, every track is a surprise.

‘Ellum Tonal’ is a melodic, cyclical beauty, and ‘Howl’ (audio below) an ominous yet playfully progressive dub. The dystopian air of ‘Tunneling’ is pure European Eno, segueing nicely in to the John Foxx-like ‘IIVA’ and ‘Fissure’’s reverberations with a wave of swelling birdsong on ‘Tymadlyb’ ending the Scot’s set on a heady high.  


Words: Anna Wilson

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