A follow-up LP somewhat lacking in spirit...
Little Boots - Nocturne

With her schoolmates in the electro-pop class of 2009 – La Roux; Ladies Gaga and Hawke – enjoying varying fortunes since graduation, Little Boots looks to shed her own L-plates with ‘Nocturnes’.

This perhaps overdue follow-up to her debut album of 2009, ‘Hands’, finds DFA man Tim Goldsworthy on production duties. And as he beefs up her disco cred, Victoria Hesketh keeps one eye firmly trained on the halcyon, silver leggings-clad days of four years ago.

And on charmingly hummable tracks like ‘Confusion’, that proves to be no bad thing. For the most part, though, ‘Nocturnes’ feels a bit tired – ‘Broken Record’ (video below) even apes her own past hit ‘Stuck On Repeat’ lyrics-wise. But the results here feel somewhat less spirited.


Words: Jack Scourfield

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